Montessori Fine Motor Activities and Free Printables

Fine motor skills are so crucial for the child to learn to write. Maria Montessori also pointed out that the development of fine motor is directly connected to the development of the brain. Many fine motor activities are practical and represent work that is usually done in real life.

This is the reason why it is quite simple for parents and teachers to create practical fine motor learning experiences – most of the time they use objects and things found at home and everyday items. Also, LEGO play and playdough and plasticine activities, painting, drawing help children exercise their finger muscles. 

Fine Motor activities can be divided into several different types. Let’s have a look at some examples of matching, grading, and sorting. Simple grains, buttons, small manipulatives like beads, and marbles will do a great job. These types of activities always should be done with an adult’s supervision as they can be a choking hazard.

Locks and keys matching activity via Montessori Nature

Sorting  bead activity via Montessori Services

Sorting and grading corks via Montessori Services

Color matching via Montessori Nature

Sorting  bead activity via Montessori Services

Mini clothesline activity and other fine motor ideas via Carrots are Orange

 Screwing lids (source)

Spooning and transferring are always loved by children. You often can spot gorgeous ceramic, wooden bowls and plates, small baskets, and jewelry boxes together with chopsticks and beautiful spoons used to make these activities more attractive. Normally you can purchase many of these items in thrift, thrift shops, and markets. Water fine motor exploration is also a lot of fun for kids. 

 Coin activity via Montessori Nature

Toddler bottles for motor skills via The Imagination Tree

Making designs with seeds and nuts (source)

Seeds sorting and transferring via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Flower Petal Transfer Tray with Toast Tong via Living Montessori Now

Catching worms via Every Star Is Different

Small tongs activities via Montessori Services  

Spooning activities via Montessori Services 

Operating a dropper activity via Montessori Services

Water transfer with sponge via Wildflower Ramblings  

Water dropping and marble balancing via Curious Minds Bus Bugs 

Operating a dropper activity via Montessori Services 

Pine needle activity via Montessori Nature

In addition, the metal insets, stencils, puzzle piece tracing, art activities for kids – are a few more examples of different ways to develop and build fine motor skills.

Montessori Nature Freebies

Free Sandbox Writing Cards for Pre-Writing via Homeschool Deals

Put the numbers on the clothesline {math printables} via Gift of Curiosity

Match the Dot Printable via Learning 4 Kids

Ladybug Math for Preschoolers (Free Printables Count & Clip) via Natural Beach Living

Veggie Sewing Cards via Busy Little Bugs

Pin poking activities and free printables via Montessori Nature

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