Montessori Christmas Shelves.

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Christmas is probably one single most exciting season of the year for many. This is a great time to set up activities that will keep children engaged and create wonderful learning opportunities. Here you will find a variety of exercises. It is lots of fun to use all sorts of materials and ones that are easy to get hold of.

Check out these two sensory bins for kids. How fun it is to dye rice together with children. It is a great idea to pop in a couple of cups for scooping.

This sensory bin is fantastic for “I Spy Game”. Hide a few objects and print out a list of them for kids to refer to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Children love doing sorting according to size and colour. This one is nice and easy.
Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the popular activities with kids.  The great thing is that they can do it over and over again.
And one with kids-made decorations..
“Cloves and orange” is a beautiful sensory fine motor activity.
In addition, we decided to make a homemade air freshener under very strict supervision using oranges, cloves and cinnamon. Children loved cutting and smelling orange, cloves and cinnamon in a small group.  The classroom smelt divine afterworlds.
Make those little fingers work with pine needles activity. It’s done best when branches are dry. Perfect fine motor exercise.
Children will also enjoy this extension to one of the dressing frames activities. After sorting ribbons by length, demonstrate tying ribbons around the branch to make a beautiful Christmas tree.
Here is a challenge for kids – transfer bells without making a sound.
Don’t you love to discover Christmas decorations that seem to be perfectly designed for Montessori classrooms. For example, this Christmas tree with tiny, cute bells is brilliant for fine motor exercise.
Here are a couple of Christmas craft ideas.
Fine motor activity with Christmas stamps.
Children usually have lots of fun learning to say “Merry Christmas” in different languages.
 Nativity activities.
I always set up a Nativity set to encourage children to retell the story of the first Christmas to each other. Very sweet..
We wish you a lot of fun and magic this Christmas Season!!!
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