10 Montessori Watercolor Cards for Babies. Inspired by Nature

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At birth, your baby sees only in black and white and shades of grey. A newborn infant’s eyes don’t have the ability to accommodate (focus on near objects). Researchers believe infants prefer large, high-contrast stimuli.  She can see only 8 to 20 to 30 centimeters. Their eyesight rapidly develops. By the time she is three months old she usually can track objects with her eyes without turning her head, see red, orange and high contrast colours and primary colours.

These whimsical watercolour art cards are hand-painted by a talented artist for your sweet darling to enjoy!

The Montessori method suggests that babies are especially attracted to black and white pictures which soothe them and promote the development of eye focus! In this Nature Inspired Baby Printable, you will find 4 x black and white, 3 x black, white and red, and 3 x yellow, red and blue colour pictures.
An artist created 10 gorgeous, realistic cards inspired by nature using watercolour paints. In this collection, you will find ten cards: baby’s face, chick, dandelion, puppy, tree, baby elephant, earth, hummingbird and butterfly.

Use these cards in different ways. Place them around 15-25 cm away from the child’s face. You can attach them to picture mobile, use them for tummy time, attach above the changing table, in front of the baby car seat; or frame it and put on the wall where your child will be able to see them. Later, when he or she is older, you can print two sets and use them for matching or memory game.

My little darling gets completely fascinated by them. I love hearing his sweet coos when he carefully examines these pictures. We use them for occasional tummy time, above his mirror and as a part of a mobile above the changing table.

“I find the images to be very engaging; full of detail and also a softness at the same time. Both the black and white, and the coloured images would be of interest to a newborn and young child, I feel, and I love the quality of aliveness that is translated in the drawings. The addition of colour to some parts of the images really draws the eye and brings attention to those parts in the drawing. The coloured images are crisp and appealing, yet with soft color…..very beautiful!”
– Pamela, Pregnancy & Childbirth Service ·  Educational Consultant
Ananda Montessori Children’s House 

“These are such sweet drawings and perfect for the Montessori baby environment! I downloaded them and will bring them to my upcoming visit with my newest grandchild who is 6 weeks old! Can’t wait to hang them near his “tummy time” quilt! Thanks for such a wonderful download and your very inspiring site!”
– Carolyn  – Magical Movement Company.

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