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I love spending time with my preschooler experimenting with different art media. The reason I decided to set aside time for this series is to work together and help her bring meaning into art, connect it with reality and help her transform ideas and thoughts into something beautiful.
Print art is usually very intriguing, fun, and messy. For this activity, I prepared something with a smooth surface to paint on. Initially, I was planning to use a piece of glass from a photo frame. When a picture is painted on a smooth surface with acrylic paint that has watered down a lot, the print turns out fuzzy and looks like silk. This technique is excellent for painting water and the sky. Misa was excited to paint the sky and what could be more perfect on a beautiful sunny day than to use a mirror to inspire her, instead of a glass.

Here is what we did:

  • watered acrylic paint a lot ( 3 parts paint, 1 part water)
  • prepared blue and white paint (bring different shades of sky out) and added silver glitter paint to make it more interesting.

Since she wanted to experiment with other colors, we looked at a picture of the sunset.
Misa chose which colors she wanted to add and painted on top. It was great to see that she was putting into practice the new painting skills she learned from the previous exercise.

After we made a print and I helped her to separate paper from the mirror gently.
After the paint dried, she had another look at it,  ran outside to take a glance at the sky, and saw birds. This inspired her to add prints of birds.
I loved to watch her gaining a sense of ownership of her work. For the first time, I saw Misa understand how she can reflect her outside world on to a piece of paper.

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