Fall Leaves And Fall Flowers – Free Sorting Printable

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You are invited to download the fall picture cards for sorting with ten types of deciduous tree leaves and ten types of flowers that bloom in autumn – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with photographs to create hands-on fall activities for your students. This resource will come in handy if you are planning to explore autumn plants in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

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Here is what’s included

  • labeled cards with deciduous leaves x 10
  • labeled cards with flowers that bloom in autumn x 10

Print on card stock and laminate for longer use. After cutting cards, draw with marker or stick dot stickers to the back of each set – one color for each set. Place the label cards in a row. Explain the difference between the two types of leaves and flowers. Invite the child to sort cards into two categories.

After the child completed the task, invite him or her to flip the cards and self-check. Each card has to be under the correct category based on the dot color.

Young children can be encouraged to match the flower/leaf cards when printed twice and draw the flower plants they like the most using their choice of art medium.

Older children might be inspired to research and create their own books about deciduous trees and flowers that bloom in autumn in your region and are generally encountered during the fall season.

fall flowers leaves sorting cards montessori nature free printable

When exploring plants with your children you might like to give some of these hands-on activities a go:

  1. Make leaves and flowers using playdough using colors of fall – orange, red, brown, yellow.
  2. Gather a magnifying glass next time you go outdoors and invite the children to explore plants, flowers they find.
  3. Gather Safari TOOB figurines and invite the children to explore different types of trees.
  4. Explore the most common deciduous trees found in your area – make a poster with your students.
  5. Discuss in a small group all the different ways children can protect trees.
fall flowers leaves sorting cards montessori nature free printable

Autumn Learning Resources and Children's Books

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