Learning To Read With Montessori Cards

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Learning to read is not a natural process.  The curiosity that draws children to find out more about the world surrounding them usually comes naturally. It is not a secret that children flourish under nurturing and purposeful guidance. Just the right amount of encouragement, regularly held storytime, parental example, cozy book nook  – a perfect combination that can help children to fall in love with books.

When placed in a rich environment with a properly set up language area, children are directed by their inquisitive minds to learn and become big fans of reading.

learning to read with cards

The Montessori method offers a very unique approach to reading which is 100% supported by science and research. According to Maria Montessori children first should acquire a skill to write before learning to read. With a movement of their hand, children learn to trace letters and connect them to the phonetic sound they represent.

Once children have a solid knowledge of all phonemes it usually does not take long before they start reading. Teaching phonemic awareness is a specific process that is accompanied by hands-on, interactive, and fun activities. Learning to read is even more complicated in our home since there are three languages that are spoken here.

In our household, we use two languages to communicate with children at all times. The third language – Spanish – is dad’s native language. It is not 100% practical for me to use Russian with kids, for my husband to talk in Spanish and communicate in English with each other. However, we would love for them to take advantage of all three languages.

So we worked out something that seems to benefit kids greatly. Up until the age of three, I speak Russian, dad – Spanish, and we talk to each other in English. After that, I continue speaking Russian when one-on-one with them. However, when we are all together we only speak English so everyone can be a part of the conversation. By the age of three, it is much easier for a child’s brain to switch between languages. Now our 4-year-old daughter speaks fluent Russian and English.

She is much more aware of linguistic differences between the two and is eager to learn Spanish. She constantly asks daddy to teach her Spanish words and phrases. Learning vocabulary with picture cards is very easy because you can easily adapt it to any language. Recently we were very fortunate to receive gorgeous Montessori materials from Maitri Learning.

If you haven’t heard of them before, I highly recommend visiting Maitri Learning. You will be able to find some of the highest quality Montessori materials and discover an incredible depth of knowledge, extensive research, and support.

In addition, this company represents the highest standards of ethics I have ever seen. Seriously, check it out for yourself! I was blown away by their environmental and social conscience which made it even more exciting to work with their materials. Montessori teachers and parents can completely trust that materials will be a perfect fit for their classroom since they were designed according to AMI standards with great attention to detail.

montessori cards

All four sets that we received came with explicit instructions and lesson plans. After the initial presentation, my daughter wanted to work with them over and over again. It is always a good sign, right? Dogs Matching Cards – what a great way to extend A’s interest in this topic.

First, we briefly talked about each breed and their names, then she matched pictures and we picked our favorites. Later we also thought it would be fun to sort dogs by the length of their hair – short, medium, and long.

montessori dog cards

A is fascinated with horses. I cannot wait until she is old enough to take care of a horse of her own. There are so many valuable lessons that can be learned along the way. At this point in time, we extend her curiosity and interest in the best way we can.

Parts Of The Horse Book and Horses 3-Part Reading Cards are a wonderful introduction to the many varieties of these magnificent creatures. A is not able to use 3-Part cards yet, however, we enjoyed looking at their different coats and learning their names.

horse cards

Phonetic Level A Cards for beginning reading are classics. They reminded me of the days when I used to teach. We used these in our Montessori Circle One classroom.

The simple and clear design makes it very easy for a child to concentrate and stay on task. From the start, I chose cursive sandpaper letters for my daughter. However, when working with these cards, switching between cursive and print was not an issue.

3 part cards

I can say for certain that I and my young Montessori child truly appreciated the beauty and care with which these materials were designed and made. Children deserve to have the best and these materials simply are. Visit Maitri Learning to find materials that suit your classroom and your needs.

(This is not a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was offered or received. All opinions are my and my child’s own. Maitri Learning kindly provided Montessori Cards for review purposes.)


CVC Reading, Writing Cards and Word Puzzles Print Version

cvc printables for kids

Reading and handwriting practice with CVC phonetic word puzzles, 3-part cards, student booklets, and spelling workmats (print version).
This set of resources is designed to complement Montessori Pink Series, level 1 reading materials.

Purchase CVC Reading, Writing Cards, and Word Puzzles Print Version here

Reading and handwriting practice with CVC phonetic word puzzles, 3-part cards, student booklets, and spelling workmats (print version).
This set of resources is designed to complement Montessori Pink Series, level 1 reading materials.

Handwriting and reading practice (print version) for short -a-, -e-, -i-, -o- ,-u- (12 words for each middle sound set)
Each set contains (blue/red and black ):
– word puzzles with real photographs
– 3-part cards with real photographs
– student booklets for coloring, tracing, and handwriting (clipart)
– initial/last sound and spelling workmats (color and black and white clipart)


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