Learning About Parts of the Dolphin

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Dolphins are amazing creatures with so many mysteries surrounding their social life, their capabilities as marine mammals. Children who are in love with dolphins will find this printable very interesting.

Montessori 3 Part Cards Parts of the dolphin

This printable will be an excellent fit for marine biology unit study, part of your sea life and sea creatures unit. It will suit primary and early elementary students who are still learning to read (matching pictures and labels) and for those who are confident readers.

parts of the dolphin montessori nature cards

I highlighted main parts of the dolphin’s body and their functions. It is always a good idea to extend and encourage students to find out more facts and details using different sources of information.

parts of the dolphin montessori cards3

Once children finished working with 3 part cards and read a short description, they can create their booklets as they colour and label parts of the dolphin using cards provided.

part of the dolphin montessori nature

parts of dolphin mn

In the Montessori classroom, we like to address as many learning styles as possible. Exercise that incorporates the moveable alphabet creates an opportunity for students to practise spelling and sound out words when constructing words that are part of the printable. I offer to choose five picture cards from the set and use label cards for self-assessment. Once this is done, children may practise writing words on paper.parts of the dolphin montessori nature cards2

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