Teaching about Europe in the Montessori Classroom.

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In our Montessori Centre in Australia we invite children to take amazing journeys to different lands and cultures.

This term children are learning about Europe..


 Flag Colouring Activity
You can find great free flag colouring sheets and animal cards here.
Here is a great resource for making your own flag printables.
Painting Countries of Europe Activity


 National Costume/ Flag/ Doll Matching Activity
 Animals of Europe Activity (photo credit Janette Dunne)
If you are looking for great replica animals for your continent boxes, you can find them here:
 Facts about Europe Picture Cards
Learning about England..


 Decorating Queen’s Crown Activity


London Bus Cutting Activity 

Letter Writing Activity


The children learn about Stonehenge.


A note of gratitude to wonderful teachers of Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House, for their gorgeous room set ups ,  and their endless love and dedication to working with children

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