Preschool Montessori Classroom Activities

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I genuinely enjoy sharing activities we have been doing in our Montessori classroom. This week I had precious moments when I could sit back and observe children. There was one thing that made me appreciate working in the Montessori classroom. In the Montessori class, children compete with oneself: self-monitoring, self-correction, and a variety of other executive skills that support constant improvement. Competition is about giving your best performance and be content with the fact that you did the best you can. It encourages other peers to do the same.  

Allow me to share with this amazing story I read recently in one of the most inspiring books:

This happened at the USCF National Scholastic Chess Tournament. The competition for the first-grade title was down to two boys. One was clearly in the lead. Then he made a punishing mistake: after his move, he forgot to stop his clock. Unless he realised his error, his time would run out and he’d lose the game. The coaches paced around the room nervously. The audience was stone silent. No one was allowed to tell the young boy about the clock. The only person in the room who was allowed to was his opponent, the other six-year-old sitting across the table, and he was under no obligation to do so. Why should he? If his opponent failed to stop his clock, he would win. As the clock ticked on, everyone held their breath. Then the other boy – Michael –  leaned over and whispered into the ear of his opponent, who subsequently put his clock down, he went on to win the match. Later on one of the kids asked Michael, “Did you know that if you hadn’t said anything you could have won?” He replied, ” I didn’t want to win that way. That’s not really winning”. Source
Here is our Sensorial Area..
Sensory activity – Fabric matching, one of the simple DIY Montessori Materials. This activity is always very popular with our children.
 Learning to differentiate dimensions with The Knobless cylinders 
Colouring Australia map
Learning about symmetry.. Here is the link to leaf printables!
We also had an activity linked to Autumn theme: sensory tray with Earthly colours. Children were using a magnifying glass to search for bugs.. Later on, they took their magnifying glass outside to look for real insects in the grass.
Our Practical Life Area..
Practising to make threading patterns..
This is a practical life activity with grace and courtesy twist: sharing carrot/ raisin snacks children make for their friends. The child pills and cuts carrots puts them on a toothpick together raisins, then finds children that are not busy working with a material and offers them a snack.
Another practical life activity to demonstrate the dinner table set up. Later on, it was beautiful to see children come up with extension to this activity: after setting up the table they pretend to be waiters at the restaurant and start serving food to each other.
Threading job for making necklaces and bracelets ..
Practical life activity: making a Weetbix snack..
Our Language area.. How gorgeous is this reading area..
That’s all, folks! Hope you found some inspiring ideas for your classroom!
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