Horse Life Cycle and Horse Anatomy Flipbook Free Printable

Horse activities are usually quite popular with children especially those of preschool age. These majestic and intelligent creatures are featured on Montessori Parts of Vertebrate animals puzzles and in numerous children’s literature to support students’ interest and help them gain even more appreciation.

Here is what’s included in this free printable

  • Horse Life Cycle poster and 3 part cards
  • Pre-writing activities
  • Coloring, cutting and pasting student worksheet
  • Horse Anatomy flipbook

To make a flipbook, print pages 10-12. Cut out horse pictures and lay them on top of each other. Staple around the tail area.

Horse Life Cycle and Horse Anatomy Flipbook Free Printable

To download the printable, please join Montessori Nature. Once you join the list, you can access the Resource Library with free printables and many other wonderful materials for educators and parents. Scroll down to Activity Packs to find Horse resources.


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