Authentic Handmade Materials for Your Dream Montessori Classroom

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When it comes to creating learning space for the students, it is not about the quantity, but about the quality. If you’ve been teaching children for a while, you soon begin to realize that not all materials and tools are created equal.
One of the unique aspects of Montessori materials is that they are designed for a specific purpose and accompany a learning goal. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are engaging and enjoyable for a child to work with.
Practically all Montessori materials have those five main characteristics in common:

  1. Initiate the self-teaching process
  2. Assist in learning self-control
  3. Deepen concentration
  4. They are a part of a progression order
  5. Encourage independent work

“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.”
― Maria Montessori

Every single piece of equipment Maria Montessori designed was a product of meticulous observations, calculations, and consideration of the child and his or her needs. But it did not stop there. Since then Dr. Montessori has inspired thousands of people to follow her steps and create materials that are made to last, inspire, prompt exploration and engage child’s senses.

If you are looking for hands-on materials for your classroom that are sure to spark curiosity and designed with all the Montessori principals in mind, I’ve rounded up some amazing handmade toys and materials that make an act of teaching and learning deeper, more enjoyable, engaging and exciting.

Inspire exploration of the natural world, learning numbers and reading spontaneously with these carefully crafted handmade materials.

Hundred board

Use this hundred board to teach numerals, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, addition, subtraction. The possibilities are numerous!

Number counting board

This is an amazing tool for children to learn counting and writing numbers.

Alphabet tiles and tracing blocks

Make learning to read fun and engaging. Along with learning to identify the initial letter, children can trace letters with their fingers or special wooden pencil.

Wooden perpetual calendar

This calendar has it all. What a great way to start and finish the day, reflect upon changes children observe taking place in nature.

Moon phases puzzle

This puzzle not only encompasses all the stages of the moon in a correct scientific form but also points out its relation to the earth and the sun.

Number tracing cards with tiles

These tiles will assist the child in learning to count and to identify quantities. Btw, the details on those illustrations and are absolutely gorgeous.

Emotion wheel for a peace table

Here is a communication tool for the whole family or classroom. This emotion wheel can be used for games and for learning to deal with those strong feelings on a daily basis.

Honey bee puzzle

This puzzle will suit children from the age of 2 to 10. They will be able to process as little or as much information as they need as they learn about the bees.

Animal tracks play dough stampers

The detail of the footprints on these wooden stampers is amazing!

Life cycle of an apple tree puzzle

Teach new vocabulary and encourage your child to draw all the stages of the apple tree life cycle using this gorgeous puzzle.

Water cycle puzzle

Teach complex science with this visual representation that makes it so easy to comprehend.

Wooden rainbow color sorting tray

This puzzle is designed to stimulate the child’s senses and help those little fingers to develop strong fine motor skills.

Cursive alphabet tracing board

Who would have thought that learning to write in cursive could be so engaging? Visit to choose your language and style.

Montessori transfer continent work

This fine motor/geography work is beautifully presented on a tray with tongs and woolen balls.

Types of line tracing boards

A handy tool for little fingers to master various types of lines. These tracing pre-writing exercise boards can be implemented is so many ways.

Montessori mindfulness & meditation tray

An effective way to teach mindfulness is to allow the child to learn the art of self-regulating with these great tools.

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Are you looking for a perfect gift for your child or setting up your dream classroom? Look no more. These gorgeous materials were handmade with love, all the concepts they represent were thoroughly researched and detail that went into creating each and single one of them is simply incredible.

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