Gorgeous Keepsakes with Magnets – Gifts Kids Can Make | Day 3


Mother’s day is an exceptional time to make meaningful crafts and presents for mums. Those little hearts are always filled with generosity and desire to please and put a smile on mum’s face. We made this Mother’s Day gift with magnets for granny using plasticine and some craft materials with my 3-year-old preschooler.

I loved this idea because it’s exceptional when a child attempts to create a portrait for a person who is dear to them. My daughter is still too young to draw a face on her own, but its easy enough with the plasticine. Another reason we picked this art media is because this is a beautiful exercise for little fingers, it’s texture is harder than one of play-dough and challenges fingers to work hard.

We also prepared:
  • cardboard
  • small decorations,
  • photo of granny (no, granny’s hair don’t stick out like that, this is only interpretation of a three-year-old)
  • googly eyes
  • sticks and pipe cleaners for hair.


Don’t you love having conversations with kids before they make their craft, help them to compose a picture of their project in their mind, consider their steps?  This is what we did.

I let Misa choose colours she wanted to include in her craft and showed her how she could press and spread plasticine with her thumbs to make granny’s face. Then she decided to add googly eyes, hair and mouth.
At the end, I suggested adding a frame to add a beautiful finish to her present and decorate it with colourful craft material.
After that, we stuck four small strips of magnetic tape at the back and wrapped it carefully in a handmade wrapping paper.

Before you go, check out these inspirational ideas:

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photo of Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home

I also loved idea by “Sand in My Toes” with a gorgeous magnetic photo frame craft.

Check out this great popsicle magnetic frames by Eighteen25 that are so easy for kids to make, but which look fantastic and a beautiful keepsake!

photo of Eighteen25

Roaming Rosie has written a post where she describes how to make Salt Dough Magnets which look just adorable.

photo of Roaming Rosie



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