Gifts That Kids Can Make with Free Printables.

Handmade gifts are always very special, especially if they are coming from kids! Children are always so sincere in all they do. A gift like this is sure to put a smile on a face. This is a collection of ideas of gifts kids can make that include free printables to make it more fun and easy to make.

“I am your fan”  by Mr. Printable will make a cute, gorgeous gift or a colorful addition to a box of chocolates..

How sweet are these geometric heat boxes by Mr. Printables? These will make a beautiful gift box and can be filled with love notes.

Red Ted Art has colorful Christmas photo props printables. The child can take photos using these and put it in a handmade photo frame for a memorable, adorable gift.
Here is a lovely origami star box craft idea with free origami printable from Picklebums.
How creative is this exploding box card with love messages with free printables by iSave Ato Z.
What a great idea for the child to make a cupcake, create a beautiful topping and add this lovely card. Homemade funfetti cupcakes with free printable by Tastes Better From Scratch.
Check out this gorgeous Matreshka Box with free printable by Dans Mon Bocal
Handmade ornaments with free printable by Martha Stewart
Free printable with Animal Pillow Box by Ars Pro Toto

Dad’s Coupon Book by I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Cookies in a Jar Recipe + Printable Label by The Pinning Mama

Fall Cookies in a Jar Gift + 12 Fall Printables by Lil’ Luna

I hope you were inspired!

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