Gemstones – Posters and Matching Cards – Free Printable


Gemstones poster and round cards for children to work on pairing activity. There are eleven various gemstones featured with beautiful clipart in this set.

The poster presents gemstones found in raw condition and matching cards with polished and finished stones. You will also receive a poster with sixteen different types of rocks and minerals. 

Children’s fascination with rocks, minerals, and gemstones is a great foundation to dig deeper and engage them in learning about colors, cause and effect, layers of the earth, and talk about many different life-sustaining resources that the earth provides for us. 

Gemstones posters and rocks and minerals poster for preschool children

Age: Preschool ages 3.5 – 6 years

Subjects and uses in the classroom: Nature Table, Geology, Geography Folder, Sensorial Area, Science Centers, Earth Science. 

How to Use:

Print posters and matching cards on cardstock and laminate if you wish for the resource to last longer. Alternatively, slide the gemstone poster into a reusable plastic worksheet pocket.

Cut rounds.

Place the poster on a tray and round cards in a box.

Before your presentation, I recommend having children’s books on gemstones available for the students to learn where gemstones come from.

When presenting, place the poster in front of the child and name all gemstones. Shuffle and place all round cards with polished gemstones below. Invite the child to pair rocks with the corresponding cards.

As an extension, invite the child to name all colors of the rocks and bring the matching color tablets or other similar color objects he or she can find in the environment for matching colors.

Print both posters to display or to place on your nature table or nature area in the classroom. Gather a magnifying glass, color pencils, and make small booklets for the students to draw and label their favorite gemstones.  

Print the Rocks and Minerals poster twice. Laminate the poster and attach hooks and loops. Cut individual rocks and minerals using the second copy for the matching exercise.  

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Terms of use:

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