Free Vintage Art Prints – Classroom Visuals.

This collection of 50 visuals presented here was put together to help engage children with fascinating pictures, capture their attention and curiosity. These vintage art prints are realistic, eye-pleasing, and captivating for young minds.
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You can choose which visual card you would like, then print and laminate it in the desired format and size.
You may want to use these cards for display, incorporate them in a unit study,  inspire artwork, for the nature table.

  • Print twice for a match-up game. 

Use these cards to support the child’s interest in the topic and expose them to new vocabulary. Print on card stock and laminate for longer use. After cutting cards out, draw with marker or stick dot sticks to the back of each set – one color for each set.
Before introducing the child to new vocabulary invite him or her to place cards face down, and sort them by the color of the dot. Take one pile and lay one set on the left side of the table or mat introducing new vocabulary. Then pick up the top card from the second pile and find the matching picture. Invite your child to match the rest of the cards.

  • Print on cardstock and cut to create puzzles. 

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  1. Vintage art prints are a truly a very efficient tool to capture the interest of students n class rooms. Vintage collectibles take us back in time and never fail to grab attention of people of all age groups owing to their uniqueness and nostalgic ambience. Thanx fr the link ☺

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