Free Pre-Reading Printables.

At times parents rush their toddlers and move too quickly to Montessori language materials that are designed for older children. In order for children to be able to work with the Moveable Alphabet for instance, they need to gain other concepts like visual discrimination, hear initial sounds, broaden their vocabulary, etc. Here are presented great pre-reading resources to prepare children for the next stage – learning to read.

 Printable I Spy Games via Preschool Printable Activities

I Spy Colouring Pages Bundle by Activity Village 

Spy Cards for Toddlers by Moms Have Questions Too 

Free Pre-Reading Lessons by Montessori Print Shop 

Free Pre-Reading Activities by Montessori For Everyone

 Montessori Language Materials by Living Montessori Now

 Preschool Reading Worksheets and Printables by Education.Com 

Rhyming Sorting Game with Free Printable by Tot Schooling 

Alphabet Coloring Letters by Homeschool Creations 

Summer Flower Sequencing Printable Activity by NAMC 

   Sequencing Card Set by Making Montessori Ours  

Montessori Sorting Largest To Smallest Print Out by Montessori Mom

 Pre-Reading Logic Sequence Cards by Ken And Nick 

Free printables by Every Star Is Different contain many wonderful resources that are great for match-up games and vocabulary. 

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