Free Poetry Printable Cards for Kids

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Rember the first childhood poem you composed yourself? It was a special and proud day for me. Children enjoy discovering the magic of forming meaning and expressing themselves in a form of poetry.
In our classroom, we always introduced children to the world of poetry from an early age. Poems were displayed in our Montessori classroom inspiring children to create their own.  In this post, you will find a great collection of free poetry printables for kids.

Free Poertry Printables for kids

Classroom Jr – a fabulous collection of poems for kids dedicated to celebrations and important events.

Chickadee Thanksgiving poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson  – a gorgeous printable that will look beautiful on display. It’s a great thanksgiving poem for children to say before enjoying their meal.

We had a beautiful song we sang together before lunch in our Montessori classroom every day. Children loved this tradition: 

“For the golden corn and the apples on the tree, 

For the golden butter and honey for our tea; 

For fruits and nuts and berries, that grow beside the way.

 For birds and bees and flowers, we give thanks every day”

Download this free printable here.

RECITATION CARDS: POETRY FOR CHILDREN by Wildflower Ramblings – This collection includes free poetry for children printable includes poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, John Keats, William Blake, Kate Greenaway, Robert Louis Stevenson, Louis Imogen Guiney, George MacDonald, Christina Rossetti.  


Poetry Memorization Cards for Kids by Teach Beside Me. Included in this printable are poems from Emily Dickinson, Christina Rosetti, Isaac Watts, Langston Hughes, Gelett Burgess, Cecil Frances Alexander.

Classical Poems for Children – a large collection of poems in alphabetical order, easy to print! There you will find poems written by a variety of poets such as Christina Rossetti, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Edward Lear.

Serving Pink Lemonade has a gorgeous collection of poem activities for a magnetic board with adorable free printables! Check them out!

Things to Share and Remember created a free very practical and beautiful set of printable rhymes, fingerplays, and songs cards for circle time. 

8 Poetry Cards by Elementary Observations (free TpT download)

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