Free Paper Cutting Printables – Resources for the Montessori Classroom

From my experience, cutting activities are one of the most popular ones in the preschool classroom. I would like to save you some time and share with you free resources for paper-cutting printables.

Paper Cutting and Cutting Strips Free Montessori Inspired Printable by Montessori Nature.

Shapes Cutting Printable by Every Star Is Different

Free Cutting Practice Strips by Royal Baloo

Cutting On Lines – Cutting Skills Worksheets by Aussie Childcare Network

Insect Cutting Strips By Montessori Print Shop

Montessori Style Cutting Box With Free Printables Pattern by Ang At HomePaper Cutting Teaching from a Tackelbox {scroll down to find the link to free printable}The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Activities for Preschoolers by Lalymom

Montessori Monday – Paper Cutting Activities by Living Montessori Now

Complex Cutting Strips by Green Tree Montessori Materials

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