Free Montessori Inspired Cards: Easter Around the World

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Montessori Easter Around the World Printable contains six sets of cards with photos representing different Easter traditions of Australia/Oceania, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia with a short commentary.
Print on cardstock and laminate if necessary.
Cut cards for your students to sort.
Glue a sticker or mark each set of the cards by drawing a circle – the same color for each of the continents on the flip side of each card.
After sorting, the child can turn cards over to self-check and assort all cards based on the color on the back if needed.
Place each continent card from left to right and invite the student to place each card under the corresponding continent. In many cases, children might have to guess, hence we provide them with the opportunity to self-correct.
Alternatively, you may decide to set posters on display in your cultural area around Easter time.
Present alongside your continents map or on its own. 
Ask your students to share their favorite Easter traditions. 



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