Free Montessori Baby and Toddler Printable Materials.

 Table Setting Placemat for mealtime

 Russian Doll sorting activity 

Book of Colours 

Living / Non-Living sorting cards

 Nature Scavenger Hunt

 Number Set

Book of Fruits

Silhouette Matching

Terms of use:

This printable is a free resource for subscribers of Montessori Nature. Please join our community if you wish to download these cards. Free downloads can be used for personal and one classroom use. You may print as many copies as you would like to use in your home or classroom; you may post online about a printable (example: a photo of your child using it), giving proper credit to Montessori Nature and linking back to the original source for downloading. Please do not claim these files as your own, alter these files in any way, sell, print these files and then sell the printed copies to others, store or distribute these files on any other website or location ( Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook groups, etc.); you may not email the files to anyone or transmit them in any other way.



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