Free Art Appreciation Printables For Painting.

The idea for these Art Appreciation Printables For Painting came to me when I had a desire to create art experiences for my two-year-old child. I wanted her to be able to visualize pictures before creating something with a paintbrush since she is still very young. I also made similar materials for children in the preschool classroom and they quite enjoyed painting on top of the pictures of the most famous artist in the world.

Suggestions for using Art Appreciation Printables For Painting:

There are two types of pictures: first are the faded pictures of the paintings and the second bunch contains fragments of paintings in full color.

1. *Offer matching paint colors to the painting and allow the child to bring the painting into a full color
* Offer various types of craft tools to paint on top of paintings
* Let child create a collage using different media and materials using pictures as background

2. *Offer children to finish painting using their imagination.

Here my 2-year-old making prints on Van Gogh Sunflower painting. I made sure the paint color matched the painting colors.

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