Christmas Fine Motor Craft

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Christmas craft is always loved by kids. It is something they get to make with their own hands and present it to someone special. There is a great choice of different art and craft materials out there, but I like to offer children ones that incorporate learning important skills and help the child to develop different fine motor. I picked these two simple, yet beautiful and exciting activities to make handmade Christmas ornaments that can be a sweet present for the child to give.

Fine motor activities are essential for a young child’s developmental growth. However, not all children are naturally drawn to them. Making a Christmas handmade ornament may encourage those, who usually tend to avoid fine motor activities, to perfect the work of their little fingers.

Sewing Ornament – Recycling old Christmas cards.
Many like to keep their cards received for special occasions as a sweet memory. using old cards to make ornaments is a nice way to revisit memories and make a colorful ornament. This also brings an important message to kids about reusing old paper instead of using a new sheet of cardstock every time. If you got a set of metal insets you can put them to practice with this sewing activity.

Sewing Handmade ornament:

  • invite the child to choose a mental inset and trace it on a piece of cardstock or an old Christmas card
  • cut out the shape
  • punch holes around the shape or let the child do it using a hole puncher
  • invite child thread a wool needle with colored yarn and knot the end
  • demonstrate stitching yarn
  • finish by knotting on the inside of the card and use excess yarn to make a loop for hanging on a tree
Fine Motor Wreath with beads

Threading with small beads is a wonderful challenge for a child of preschool age. This requires a great deal of concentration and focus. You can use a fishing line or thin wire to make this craft. Children need to be very careful when using wire not to prick their little fingers.

  • tie a bead at the end of fishing line or wire leaving a piece of it to tie ends together when threading is finished
  • invite the child to thread beads
  • when the child is done – help him or her to tie both ends to make a wreath
  • help the child to tie a bow with a ribbon

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