Farm Animal Families Puzzles and Cards – Free Printable

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You are invited to download the puzzles and cards with farm animal families – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with photographs to create hands-on spring, summer, and farm-themed activities for your students. This resource will come in handy if you are planning to explore the farm animals in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

Farm Animal Families free

I would like to thank my great readers for suggesting creating a printable that helps children to learn the correct terminology of the families in the animal kingdom. I started with farm animals. This printable is made in a form of 10 puzzles. The purpose behind it is to allow children self-correct their work as they match members of each family. This resource would be a helpful addition to your farm theme and animal printables.

This printable also includes a set with the cards instead of puzzles that can be used for sorting into the categories – females, males, and young.

Farm Animal Families free

Ten puzzles with animal cards featuring farm families.

Here is what’s included:

  • 10 x puzzles featuring farm animal families
  • 10 x card sets featuring fam animal families

Each card set contains 4 cards that present an animal, male, female, and young of the family.

Farm Animal Families free

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Farm Pack for Preschool

Printable is made with hand-drawn watercolor clipart and has beautiful soft pastel tones
These printables include 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.
Activities included: Silhouette activity, Preposition Cards, Vocabulary Cards, 3-Part Cards, Find the other half, Number Activity, Fine Motor pin poking activity, Colour Wheel activity.

farm printables

Farm Pack is designed for preschool-aged students. Children are generally found of animals, especially ones that they have more frequent encounters with – animals that live on the farm. This printable incorporates elements created with the help of watercolors and has beautiful soft pastel tones. All images are realistic. There are various activities made to assist the child in developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, learning new vocabulary, and practicing identifying colors.

Activities included:

  • Silhouette activity
  • Preposition activity
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • 3-Part Cards
  • Find the other half
  • Number Activity
  • Fine Motor pin poking activity
  • Color Wheel activity
  • These printables include 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.
  • Please, note that due to differences in printers and toners – the colors may vary. I recommend placing activity sheets on metal cookie trays and sticking sticky magnet strips to the back of the animal cards.

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