Fall Activities For Kids

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Fall is a perfect time for children of preschool and kindergarten ages to get introduced to the earthy color palette, observe changes that take during this transition in seasons whilst they work on polishing their numeracy, literacy, and fine motor skills.

One of the great advantages for children who grow up in Montessori inspired environment – is exposure to real-life materials and tools. The secret is to allow children the opportunity and freedom to experience the benefits of simple everyday tasks we, adults do so effortlessly, in a safe environment without being rushed.

Fall printables and activities for kids

We can allow them the freedom to create “life” with their own hands and afford time and space for making mistakes, correcting them, and perfecting their skills without pressure. It takes a lot of effort from our side as well, doesn’t it?

Here are some ideas to inspire you to have real-life experiences with your children this fall

  • Bake an apple pie together ( who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon and baking apples.. yum).
  • Explore fall outdoors and observe changes in nature: compare leaf colors, open and examine seed pods, crush leaves, spot different animals and creatures, build fire and make an apple tea together. Once you are back inside, remind your children to draw their observations and impressions.
  • Sew a table cloth with beautiful simple fall patterns together. Allow every child to contribute to the project.
  • Organize a pumpkin washing station.
  • Create a leaf garland with fallen leaves.
  • Make a table arrangement with pine cones and dry seeds.
  • Create a fall collage with natural treasures.
  • Invite children to share their favorite fall memory of all times with their group of peers.

Fall learning quiet activities for preschool and kindergarten children

Fall activity trays for work shelves make for a great opportunity to keep those little fingers busy. I created a couple of fall/autumn packs and individual printables that help to explore the essence of this inspiring season.

Child painting leaves on tree with paints

Painting fall leaves on a tree is a great opportunity for children to experiment with mixing different colors to make gorgeous tones of earthy orange, deep green, and brown colors.

Fall printable for kids - matching fall pictures to their shadows

This is a fun pairing activity for young preschoolers – great for working on their concentration abilities. When laminated, I invite the child to trace silhouettes of one-tone pictures using dry erase pens.

Acorn activity with tongs

This activity is designed for coloring using dot markers. We decided to make it a transferring activity instead.

Color matching activity - fall printable for kids

This color sorting activity also can inspire children to create their own book of fall colors either using these cards or drawing their own fall treasures for each color they choose.

coloring puzzles - fall printable for kids

Coloring puzzles are wonderful for allowing children to practice cutting, putting pieces together, and coloring pictures.

matching cards - fall printable for kids

Match-up cards with fall elements can inspire children to draw their own illustrations using watercolors or pastels.

mushroom puzzle - fall printable for kids

DIY jigsaw puzzles with 4 or 6 parts are perfect for little ones aged 3 and 4.

clip cards with fall images for counting

Clip cards allow children to practice counting while they are working on their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Fall around the world - fact cards

Kindergarten children may be curious to learn what fall looks like and how it differs across the seven continents.

Harvest 3 part cards for kids

Harvest 3 part cards introduce children to new vocabulary and indirectly teach spelling and allow children to practice reading. Children can be invited to build new words they learned using the moveable alphabet or create fall stories using these cards as props.

Parts of a hedgehog 3 part cards

Parts of the hedgehog cards are accompanied by student booklet print out for coloring, tracing, or independent writing.

Animal tracks fall themed

Children get fascinated with animals and their tracks. These cards can be a fun reference tool for them to make animal tracks on playdough using sticks and their little fingers.

Five senses sorting cards

Children benefit greatly from learning about their body, the way it functions. These cards help them to identify the five senses they use to explore the world around them and practice categorizing skills.

I spy activity for counting

I spy activities are especially beneficial for developing deeper concentration as students have to really focus on counting the elements of fall quantities.

addition activity - math fall printable

Here is a freebie with Pumpkin life cycle – poster and 3 part cards.

pumpkin life cycle freebie

These math and life cycle printables belong in the Subscriber Resource Library. If you wish to get a copy, you are welcome to join here.

Fall vocabulary cards

We love using vocabulary cards to teach preschool children new words by playing matching or memory games.

Mushroom 3 part cards

Mushroom 3 part cards provide an exciting opportunity to talk to children about edible and poisonous mushrooms, their benefits, and nutritional value, discuss all the different ways we can use them in cooking.

apple life cycle printable

Apple life cycle is always a great way to extend on harvest unit and introduce children to the sequencing activities and teach hands-on science. This printable is included in my Food-themed pack.

Farm matching cards

I also had so much fun designing this farm set of printables for our young friends.

Matching cards with farm animals - printable for preschoolers

The fall season is such a whimsical time of the year with so many opportunities for explorations and discoveries.

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