Earthworm Life Cycle, Parts of an Earthworm, 3 Part Cards, Blackline Masters – Free Printable

Earthworms! Children get so captivated by those creatures. Today you are invited to download this new freebie from the resource library! To get your copy, join our list and scroll all the way to Activity Packs.

Worm farms are quickly gaining popularity in early childhood classrooms. Children learn so much from observing how slowly worms transform our veggie and fruit scraps into rich soil, or as we often call it ‘black gold’.

Getting a worm farm is definitely on our list. We found a local worm breeder who also makes his own worm farms. And we also went with my daughter to a worm farm seminar. So we feel well prepared and children can’t wait to get started!

I also recommend checking earthworm resources with earthworm life cycle figures that complement my free printable!

Earthworm resources

Here is what’s included:

Parts of an Earthworm poster with labels
Parts of an Earthworm poster without labels
Parts of an Earthworm label cards
Parts of an Earthworm blackline master
Earthworm life cycle 3 part cards
Earthworm life cycle poster
Earthworm life cycle coloring, cutting and pasting worksheet.

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