The Earth Goes Around the Sun – Free Geography Printable

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You are invited to download a geography printable that presents seasons, and months of the year The Earth Goes Around the Sun – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with clipart to create hands-on geography activities for your students. This resource will come in handy if you are planning to explore the earth’s rotation around the sun, talk about the four seasons in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

The Earth Goes Around the Sun Montessori Natue Free Printable

I designed this printable for your end-of-the-year classroom activities. As you wrap up your year, assemble this poster. Poke a hole in the middle of the poster, cut the earth round and the sun, and fasten using a paper fastener. In your small group, demonstrate to your students the passage of time from the month when your academic year commenced to the current moment in time as you rotate the earth around the sun. As you do so, invite your students to share their thoughts on their favorite events, and talk about fun facts they’ve learned during this time.

You can also create a shelf work using this printable. Cut season cards, label cards, and colored circles. Attach hooks and loops for children to match the circles that represent the months of each season. Print the first page for reference or self-check. Invite the child to assemble the poster – place seasons in the correct order, the Earth and the Sun in the center, match circles and moth labels to the correct season of the year.

I also included an editable version for those who wish to translate the labels into a different language or use it for teaching children in the southern hemisphere.

In our classroom, we sang the song The Earth Goes Around the Sun included in the printable. You might like to use the labels and poster as you teach this song to your students.

The Earth Goes Around the Sun Montessori Natue Free Printable

Seasons, months of the year, and a poster with a picture of the Earth that rotates around the Sun.

Here is what’s included:

  • Editable – translate seasons and moths of the year into any language
  • Poster
  • Label cards
  • Season picture cards
  • Picture of the Earth
  • Picture of the Sun
The Earth Goes Around the Sun Montessori Natue Free Printable


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Space Preschool Pack – “I am an Astronaut”

Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-5. “I am an Astronaut” activity pack contains printables to create a wide variation of hands-on experiences for young children. Students will practice one-to-one correspondence, work on their gross motor skills, letter and number formation, spelling, tracing, cutting, identifying sounds, widening their vocabulary, working on storytelling, practicing fine motor skills and hand muscles, and so much more.

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Here is what’s included:

  • Instructions and activity variations
  • Editable PDF files with picture puzzles
  • Space playdough mats
  • Counting
  • Letter formation (a, t, s, p, r)
  • Cutting sheets
  • Space puzzles
  • Space dice
  • Number formation cards
  • I am an Astronaut letter matching
  • Space exploration vocabulary cards and memory game
  • Solar System printouts
  • Constellation cards
  • Addition (I can make 5 and I can make 6 mats)
  • Space – 3 part cards
  • Parts of a Spacesuit – poster, labels and blackline pages for coloring
  • 109 pages
  • This pack is suitable for K and preschool students.

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Children’s Books and Learning Resources About Space

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