DIY Puzzles and Coloring Pages – Vincent van Gogh Vase with twelve sunflowers

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You are invited to download this free printable to make fun summer-themed puzzles featuring the famous painting created by Vincent van Gogh Vase with twelve sunflowers for your preschool students that foster problem-solving skills and promote deeper concentration. These art activities also come with coloring pages. These are great for encouraging children to work on their fine motor movements and creativity.

Vase with twelve sunflowers Van Gogh Puzzle Art Coloring Montessori Nature Free Printables

It’s a new addition to our free resources with DIY art puzzles, coloring pages, and printouts that feature this stunning artwork.


  • Labeled poster – artwork “ Vase with twelve sunflowers ” by Vincent van Gogh
  • Labeled poster for tracing
  • Painting poster
  • 3 types of puzzle cutouts
  • Painting prompt with painting fragment
  • Black and white painting
  • Coloring page
child's hand and a painting puzzle with a sunflower

There are 3 different types of puzzles and a painting poster included. Print and cut them up. These puzzles can be a great addition to your art activities, a study of the flowers, and if you are exploring the European continent with your students.

Vase with twelve sunflowers Van Gogh Puzzle Art Coloring Montessori Nature Free Printables

One of the art activities contains a printout with painting fragments to inspire children to complete the picture while they deep into their creativity.
Your young storytellers will enjoy working with a storytelling worksheet where they are prompted to write/dictate their story inspired by the painting.

paints and paintbrushes with sunflower painting


After cutting up the puzzle pieces, set them up on a tray, and remember to include a poster with a painting as a reference for when they will be working to complete the puzzle.

child painting pictures of sunflowers

You might like to mount the puzzle sheet onto thick cardboard prior to cutting it up to make it more convenient for little fingers to work on. Use a cutter to cut them up.
I hope these puzzles will be a welcomed activity in your classroom!

Vase with twelve sunflowers Van Gogh Puzzle Art Coloring Montessori Nature Free Printables


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