December Themed Christmas and Winter Holidays Activities – Busy Book and Learning Mats

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This Christmas-themed busy book is a great way to prepare learning activities for preschool children when you don’t have much time on your hands. With the help of a busy book, children will practice fine motor, counting, recognizing numbers, simple addition. Activities will also help to improve important cognitive functions, logical thinking, and concentration. The beauty is in simplicity. 

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I created this No Prep Preschool Tracing, Pre-Writing and Math Practice Busy Book in the past and it was very popular with parents and teachers. They had the materials prepared in a binder so they could make photocopies whenever a need arose to keep those little hands busy. Knowing how busy December can get, I also created a Winter Holidays Busy Book especially suitable for 3-6-year-old children.    

There are many different pages with tracing and pre-writing exercises to choose from – ‘trace the lines’, ‘count to connect the dots’. We also love using loose parts we collect on our nature walks, craft materials, and glass counters to create different variations and repurpose the busy book learning mats.

I generally print pages on both sides of the sheet (unless I use them for push pinning) and laminate. This way I save on having to laminate twice as much. Plus if want to reuse them in the future, it is super easy to store them in a binder. Also, this way children can use them as playdough mats as well.

It is very easy to repurpose tracing pictures to push pining activity. Children can be invited to trace before they do push pinning exercises to strengthen their finger muscles in preparation for writing. Another fun prewriting activity included in the busy book is pages with matching pictures with the correct shadow. 

How Many? activity is a wonderful opportunity to include tweezers and use them for transferring loose parts as children count quantities.

These learning mats can be laminated and bind into a book for your convenience. Children won’t need anything but an erasable marker to be able to practice many important skills while having fun. But if you wish, you can use pom-poms and other materials to make it even more engaging and exciting.


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