Constellations and Planets Sort – Free Space Printable

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You are invited to download the picture sorting cards with constellations and planets – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with photographs to create hands-on spring and space-themed activities for your students. This resource will come in handy if you are planning to explore the solar system in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

Constellations and Planets Sort Montessori Nature Free Printable

Head to the Resource Library to download the free sorting cards – Constellations and Planets Sort. It includes two sets each containing 20 labeled photograph cards for sorting.

Use these cards to support a child’s interest in the topic of the Solar System, the Milky Way. These cards would be a helpful addition to your Space Theme printables. Print on card stock and laminate for longer use. After cutting cards, draw with marker or stick dot stickers to the back of each set – one color for each set. Place the label cards in a row. Explain the difference between the two categories. Invite the child to sort cards into two categories.

The goal is for children to grasp the concept and have a visual presentation to learn the difference between the two. After the child completed the task, invite him or her to flip the cards and self-check. Each card has to be under the correct category based on the dot color.

Constellations and Planets Sort Montessori Nature Free Printable

Younger children can be encouraged to match planet and constellation cards when printed twice. Older children might be inspired to research and create their own books about planets and constellations of their choice.

Here is what’s included:

  • 2 x label cards
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring constellations
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring planets
Constellations and Planets Sort Montessori Nature Free Printable

❗️The Free Resource Library is color-coded to help you find the printable you need. Locate the group this printable belongs to based on the color of the cover image. The latest printable will be at the end of each group.

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Space Preschool Pack – “I am an Astronaut”

Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-5. “I am an Astronaut” activity pack contains printables to create a wide variation of hands-on experiences for young children. Students will practice one-to-one correspondence, work on their gross motor skills, letter and number formation, spelling, tracing, cutting, identifying sounds, widening their vocabulary, working on storytelling, practicing fine motor skills and hand muscles, and so much more.

space printable

Here is what’s included:

  • Instructions and activity variations
  • Editable PDF files with picture puzzles
  • Space playdough mats
  • Counting
  • Letter formation (a, t, s, p, r)
  • Cutting sheets
  • Space puzzles
  • Space dice
  • Number formation cards
  • I am an Astronaut letter matching
  • Space exploration vocabulary cards and memory game
  • Solar System printouts
  • Constellation cards
  • Addition (I can make 5 and I can make 6 mats)
  • Space – 3 part cards
  • Parts of a Spacesuit – poster, labels and blackline pages for coloring
  • 109 pages
  • This pack is suitable for K and preschool students.

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Children’s Books and Learning Resources About Space

space books for kids

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