Rain Cloud In a Jar Science Experiment Plus Types of Clouds Printable

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This Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment is a great way to engage your children aged 3-6 in conducting a simple science experiment before heading outdoors. Looking up in the sky on an overcast day can be quite relaxing and entertaining.

Rian cloud experiment for children

As I was inviting children to fill in the cup with water and pour colored water over the shaving cream “cloud”, I explained to them that water, when heated, evaporates turning into water vapors. These water vapors turn back into water drops after reaching cold air and stick together forming clouds.

Once clouds become too full of water, waterfalls back on the ground in the form of rain.⁣

To conduct this experiment, we filled a glass cup 3/4 full of water, created a cloud with shaving cream, and squeezed water with food coloring on top of it using a syringe. (This is an added bonus that allows those little fingers to do more exercise and gain strength).

Eventually, it started to produce ☔ a rain-like effect. ⁣

Did you know that one cumulus cloud can way over 400.000 kg? Basically, it is the equivalent to 100 elephants floating over your head! 😃⁣

Make sure to check out our Types of Clouds printable with eight different types of clouds and their descriptions.⁣
It is a great idea to learn about clouds before you head off to your next outdoor adventure to observe different types of clouds with your little explorer!

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Working on some things we can grab on our way out the door and wanted something fun with vocabulary for my little word lover. We’ve been talking a lot about rain, observing condensation on the windows on cool mornings, driving through fog on the way to school – which has driven a lot of interest around clouds and rain. The water cycle song is such a fun way to teach some hefty concepts (and what toddler doesn’t love the wheels on the bus?!) Cards by @montessorinature (her free nature scavenger hunt card is a favorite of ours!) #montessori #montessoriathome #montessorietkinlikleri #montessorievde #hakikimontessori #hakikimontessorietkinlikleri #evdeeğitim #hava #weather #stemeducation

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Please note that shaving cream can be harmful to little children. If you decide to do this experiment with your children you need to make sure that they are continuously supervised and do not touch or ingest the shaving cream.

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