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Sometimes parents struggle with improving their child’s fine motor skills. Creativity and art are fantastic for engaging child’s hands into meaningful and fun activity. I love present to my preschooler different types of art medium. Due to it’s texture clay can be a great challenge for little hands. This time we used colour modeling clay just because it is easier to mold for a young child and frankly the colours are very attractive. However, in future I am looking forward experimenting with natural clay. It is wonderful for open-ended play projects, healthy, and a part of natural art learning.

Clay play works very well for developing fine motor and sensory learning. My little chatterbox who normally goes 200 miles per hour was absolutely absorbed by it and focused the whole time.
All my daughter’s flower vases got broken over the period of time so we decided to make a new one using
– small glass jar
– modeling colour clay
– some decorations 
A. broke clay on small pieces to make it easier to work with. Then applying pressure she pressed it against the jar with her thumbs and spread it over the surface. After she covered the whole jar she attached small decorations to make it even more pretty. Normally this type of clay can not be harden very well, but we baked it for 30 minutes in 235F temperature in the oven, in the result it harden a bit.
The vase turned out beautiful! A. was very proud of her hard work well done and vase went straight on her table.
I will keep this in mind for the occasion when we need to make a handmade gift for Mother’s day or birthday.


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