Christmas and Winter Holidays Traditions Around the World for Kids – Learning Activities

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Are you excited to explore cultural Christmas traditions around the world in your classroom and with your kids but not sure where to start? We would love to inspire you to create fun and everlasting memories this Holidays Season with all the amazing traditional activities children can do to mark the celebration.

Christmas And Winter Holidays Traditions Around The World For Kids – Learning Activities

It is a lot of fun to take part in different traditions, try traditional cuisine, and find out about the ways of celebrating Christmas and Holidays for kids. Despite being one of the most significant Christian celebrations, Christmas today became a season that has united people from many different walks of life, religions, and cultures. The Christmas season celebrations are so diverse – from Nativity scenes to snowman, Christmas trees, and gifts, we gather with loved ones, break bread, and exchange gifts.

Learning about different Christmas and Holidays traditions around the world allows for a perfect opportunity to capture children’s attention as we unveil roots of traditions and customs, learn history, introduce different cultures while creating everlasting memories, and foster respect for diversity.

The purpose is to allow the students to connect with others in their social circle and feel safe when they are introduced to children from different backgrounds. The children learn to consider various perspectives and be accepting of differences.

So let’s explore all the amazing fun activities children can to do experience Christmas traditions across the continents.

Christmas Traditions in Europe - Learning Activities

Christmas Traditions in North America - Learning Activities

Christmas Traditions in Australia - Oceania - Learning Activities

Christmas Traditions in Africa - Learning Activities

Christmas Traditions in South America - Learning Activities

Christmas and Winter Holidays Traditions in Asia - Learning Activities

Christmas Traditions Around the World - Learning Resoruces

children’s books – Christmas around the world

Christmas Is Coming: Traditions from Around the World by Monika Utnik-Strugala

A truly international collection of legends and traditions are included in the volume such as – Glögg, Kutia, Lutefisk, Jansson’s Temptation, Julskinka, Bûche de Noël, Hallaca, Kourabiedes, Christmas Pudding, Panettone, Christmas carols, talking animals, and The Nutcracker!

Joy to the World!: Christmas Around the Globe
by Kate DePalma

Explore Christmas traditions from 13 different countries! Rhyming text and detailed illustrations make the book accessible to younger readers, while educational endnotes about the 13 celebrations add interest for older children.

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Christmas: With Carols, Presents, and Peace
by Deborah Heiligman

With dazzling photographs and lively, lyrical text, this book introduces young readers to the historical and cultural aspects of the Christmas holiday.

Craft and Pray Around the World: A Christmas Experience for Families by Beth Gorden

Celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way as a family as you craft and pray around the world. You will take a closer look at 24 countries around the world – how they celebrate Christmas, make an ornament craft representing the Christmas traditions, and then spend time praying for 3 specific things for that country.

Christmas Around the World: A Pop-Up Book
by Chuck Fischer

Featuring France, Germany, Russia, Latin America, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States, every spread is packed with delights: a luxurious central pop-up image, plus removable booklets, pullouts, mini pop-ups, and more.

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas by Ace Collins

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas reveals the people, places, and events that shaped the best-loved customs of this merriest of holidays and how they all point to Christ.

Exploring Christmas - Children's Books and Learning Resources

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