Christmas activities for infants.

What an exciting season it is for us as a family – to share the celebration of Christmas with our new addition. I was so surprised to see her getting into the festive season and getting so engaged. She noticed every little detail as we were decorating our place. Once every so often we get into a Christmas groove with Christmas carols (which she loves) at home or go to the city – hear beautiful girls choir sing. Here are some Christmas activities for my 10 months old baby girl.
Selection of Christmas cards in the book corner to explore different colours and designs.

 Nativity set.  She enjoys listening to the story of Christmas. This is also important to familiarize a child with various textures, like wool.

Christmas balls can be used in so many ways: teaching colours, numbers, texture, etc.
Sock stuffed with colour paper for ripping paper. 

Christmas sensory basket. I put different items every day to keep it engaging.
Handmade sensory board. I used acrylic paints in a tube and craft materials to create it.  
Here are some beautiful, wooden, Montessori-inspired toys – great ideas for presents. It’s a wonderfully affordable alternative to plastic toys: (affiliate links)
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