Fun Party Balloon Games.

Everyone LOVES balloons. It is impossible to imagine a fun celebration without them. Kids’ eyes light up every time they see a balloon, which creates an instant reaction to pick one up and PLAY. No matter what the occasion is, used for decorations and games, balloons make the special day so much more memorable, colorful, …

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Free Science Printables.

Do you know the feeling when you get just as excited as children when conducting science experiments? Me too! Science experiments and activities were always one of the favorite parts of my job as a preschool teacher. I would like to inspire you to great fun with your kids by sharing these amazing free science …

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Our Montessori Inspired Toddler Home Environment in Pictures.

Setting up a Montessori environment for your toddler at home may seem overwhelming at first. I find that the biggest misconception that many parents have is that in order to provide your child with a proper environment that will support the child’s desire to be independent and meet their sensitive period for details and order …

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