Book Review: Montessori Inspiration At Home Language – Toddler Series

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I have something exciting to share with those of you who have busy little people in your life – young children from the age of one to three. I am very honoured to be mum to one little guy. Not one day is the same or dull with this curious and super energetic person. At times it feels like chaos it taking over my life, but looking in those big brown eyes I understand that there is nothing in this entire world I would like to be doing but be here in this very moment for him, guide him and support his development in every way I can. Can you relate? Well, I was very fortunate to get my hands on amazing series of Montessori toddler resources written and created by Montessori bloggers and mums. Their first ebook and set of printables –  Montessori Inspiration At Home Practical Life Skills – Toddler Series.

The second book – Montessori Inspiration At Home Language – Toddler Series is an absolutely brilliant resource for parents and Montessori teachers. It is a comprehensive guide on how to start supporting your child in language development, it clearly explains the role of the caregiver, includes pre-reading and pre-writing activities, talks about crossing the midline, sound games, the 3-period lesson, teaching the second language, and more! Additionally, it comes with gorgeous printables, including materials in Spanish!

20292946_10213425788416899_7655656780812256201_nThere is nothing overly complicated that can overwhelm busy parents. Rather you will receive more clear understanding on how to instil the love for books from an early age, connect with your child, develop wider vocabulary, choose the right books, create an environment that stimulates their language development in the most natural way. Authors speak from their personal experience, genuinely share what truly worked for them. Three of the authors are raising multilingual children. They share with readers their perspective, experience and ideas on implementing the second language into everyday life from the very start.Pinterest2

This resource also includes additional printables, language checklists, recommendations tested by many years of experience and positive outcomes all based on the Montessori practises in the classroom and at home! You will be very pleased with printable materials! They are eye-catching, inviting and beautiful! They are designed in the way so that you can also incorporate Safari TOOB objects – miniature plastic animals and figurines to match the pictures in printables.


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    Thanks for sharing this knowledge. They are fantastic! I am very interested for both ebooks (Language and Practical Life Skills). How can I get them?


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