Australia/Oceania Resource Pack

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Australia and Oceania are one of the most mysterious and fascinating parts of the world. It has incredibly rich flora and fauna, wonderful people, breathtaking landscapes,  and ancient culture of Indigenous people.
Even though I will remain Russian in my heart forever I am very grateful to be a part of this great country – Australia – which became my home. The most beautiful part of Australia is its people, their genuine kindness, and generosity which represents the whole beauty of the natural and cultural world.

These are all the reasons why I am so excited to present to you Australia / Oceania Montessori Study Unit for children.

Australia/Oceania Introduction Cards:

Here you will find 20 introductory photos of different places, people and cultural traditions of Australia and a couple of other countries in Oceania.

Maps of Australia:

Children love working with maps and flags. Activities like this were quite popular in my classroom.
1. Control Map with states and territories of Australia with flags and names
2. Map with only names of states and territories for flag matching
3. Map of Australia in color.
4. Outline map for coloring and writing names of the states/ coping flags, etc.

Land and Water Forms of Australia/Oceania:
Australia / Oceania is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Children can learn more about various land and water forms of the continent by sorting cards. The pink lake will spark a special interest.

20 Animals of Australia / Oceania Nomenclature Cards and Fact Cards

In case if you are looking for Australian animal toys – check out these. 
Parts of a Koala Nomenclature Cards with definitions and “My Parts of a Koala” Book Printable

Koala is an iconic animal of Australia, not mentioning that it’s absolutely adorable and cuddly. Children will enjoy learning about this unique animal.

Learning about one of the Wonders of the World is a great way to introduce Australia to children with Animals of the Great Barrier Reef cards:

1. Introduction page
2. Picture page for matching
3. Page with animals – cut these out for matching activity
4. Control page
5. Labels for matching animal names to pictures

Australian Children’s Rhymes –  a set of seven classic children’s rhymes which are very sweet and fun.

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