Art with Nature – Creative Nature Hunt for Kids

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Preschool children have so many opportunities to learn simultaneously while playing outdoors. Nature provides us with endless inspiration to have fun and educational experiences and activities. It is a wonderful place to create beautiful art for kids.

The world of nature is full of surprises and inspiration. A palette of colors, different forms, and shapes provide children with an enormous amount of opportunities for creativity.

Creative thinking is one of the most valuable aspects of a child’s learning that defines success and satisfaction in the future.

I love nurturing creativity in my child and supporting her learning with all sorts of art experiences that promote free thinking. Another aspect I find very important – is to be able to notice the tiniest details and celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature.

Pink metal insets  with different shape with nature inspired background

It is now the end of Spring in Australia and the natural world has just exploded with colors. It is a perfect time to go on Nature Hunt. If you decide to make one of those trips, here is what I suggest doing.

Cut outs with birds with flowers on background

Make your goal to pay attention to every detail of the natural environment and find pieces to fill in your pictures with colors. Enjoy this teachable moment – combine a nature walk hunt and an art lesson. Transform parts of nature into a work of art with one simple activity.

Pink metal insets  with different shape with nature inspired background

Choose a couple of pictures of outlines to make frames to fill them in with exciting things, nature “parts” found along the way. Experiment with different shapes and outlines. We picked a couple of Montessori Metal Inset Frames. These we very practical and easy to carry around. We took turns spotting peculiar and especially beautiful things we found. Nature is never boring. It is so much fun to be able to combine Montessori materials with the outdoor experience and make it more versatile.

Metal insets with leaf background

Many of these photos were made by my daughter while I was holding the Metal Inset frame where she asked me to. One above, for instance, she did not want me to hold and placed it on the ground instead. Later we are going to make a collage of photos print them, and laminate them to hang among her art collection.

Bird and dog cut out with flower background

This activity is great for every season. If you are lucky to have a white Christmas this year and the land is covered with snow – grab a black piece of cardboard and make frames with it instead. Go outside with your child and see the magic unfold in front of your eyes.

Metal inset shape with sky background

Nature Journal – Children’s Activity Book with Prompts I see I wonder I create
Contains 20 beautiful pictures illustrated by an artist – Alexandra Burda
The book invites children to use their imagination and experience in nature to complete each picture.

Picture of a lake with trees done with pencil


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