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You are invited to download our free spring printables – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children with animals in spring. Use these resources Mammals and Birds sorting cards and Animals in Spring watercolor matching cards to create hands-on science activities for your students.

animals in spring cards

Children will learn to differentiate between mammals and birds, work to improve their concentration and fine motor skills. This resource will come in handy if you are planning to refresh your shelf work with spring-themed activities, learning about different types of birds and vertebrates in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

Head to the Resource Library to download the freebie spring animals – Birds vs Mammals printable. It contains 20 labeled picture cards for sorting.

Free printable Animals in Spring – Matching Cards

There are many uses of the printable. Teach new vocabulary, point out differences in conditions for animals between winter and spring seasons, make glue-and-paste activities.

Younger children can be encouraged to match colored animal pictures to the black and white version.

Cut animal cards, laminate, attach hook and loop dots to add an extra challenge for little fingers. Older children, as I mentioned before, might be inspired to create their own book of animals in spring, glue cutouts, or draw and label the animals.

Here is what’s included:

Animals in spring watercolor cards for littles (pre-k and K students) – match, glue onto a watercolor spring background, learn new words.

  • 10 x spring-themed elements for matching
  • 1 x spring-themed background
  • 1 x animals in spring page for matching

Cards for sorting that present birds and mammals in the spring season. Each card comes with a label.

  • 2 x label cards
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring birds in spring
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring mammals in spring.

Free Printable – Spring Sort – Insects vs Flowers
Cards for sorting that present insects and flowers in the spring season. Each card comes with a label.

  • 2 x label cards
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring insects in spring
  • 10 x labeled cards featuring flowers in spring.

Age: Preschool ages 3 – 6 years

Subjects and uses in the classroom: North America Study, Bird Unit, Nature Table, Science Centers

spring animals sorting cards
animals in spring matching cards
spring sorting cards


The Free Resource Library is growing! If you would like to save time and find printables you need quickly, browse an ads-free page, and have a search option, you have an option to join our membership – Resource Library 0.2 for a small price of $5/month.

Spring Vocabulary 3 Part Cards – Editable

Three-part cards are an excellent tool to help interactively learn new vocabulary and spelling. Classified cards can be used to enrich the child’s vocabulary, to develop reading, writing, and classification skills while broadening the child’s knowledge of the world. Create bilingual/multilingual cards for the students in your minority language with ease.

There are many various ways you can use this resource in your classroom:

vocabulary wall
display cards
memory game
matching activity
3 part cards
in combination with the moveable alphabet
There are two files included:

1) PDF file in English with
– 40 picture + label cards
– 40 picture cards
– 40 label cards
– 8 pages for tracing
– instructions

2) Editable PowerPoint file. You can edit text and translate it into any language. Create your bilingual/multilingual cards, change font style and size, etc.

Please ensure you have PowerPoint installed on your device. Alternatively, upload the file to Google Slides, translate, and customize it to use in your own language, save, download, and print.

Cards measure:

  • label and picture card: 12×9.3cm or 4.7″x3.6″
  • picture card: 8.9×9.3 cm or 3.5″x3.6″
  • label card: 2.9×9.5 cm or 1.1″x3.6″

Vocabulary featured in the set: Spring, blossom, puddle, leaves, snowdrops, chick, nest, eggs, mud, thaw, sprout, stream, thunderstorm, ice drift, buds, grass, young tree, rain, sunlight, tulips, splash, birdhouse, cub, rainbow, beetles, swallow, seeds, umbrella, birdsong, molt, bird, duckling, raincoat, freckles, tadpoles, hatch, butterfly, worm, bumblebee, kite.

Spring 3 part cards

PURCHASE Spring Vocabulary 3 Part Cards – Editable HERE

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Spring Books AND PRINTABLES for Children

Free Printables From Montessori Nature

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