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Do your students enjoy working with clip cards? My children absolutely love incorporating pegs into their math work.

I am very excited to share with you my new math freebie with addition problems that feature the number rods clipart. I have prepared 24 clip cards that accomplish several goals – students are invited to practice addition, write numbers, and work on recognizing teen numbers.

Math - Children's Books and Learning Resources

Addition Clip Cards

You don’t have to have pegs to mark the correct sum. We often like to use loose parts, glass counters, or magnetic counters if the child chooses to use a whiteboard as a learning mat.

If you have number cards – gather those. I like to laminate or slide sheets into plastic sleeves for children to write numbers using a dry erase pen.

Free Worksheet – Sums with Number Rods

Sums with Number Rods worksheet is also available from the Resource Library.

Number rods worksheets

There are a couple of different ways you may decide to use this printable. One way is to print our worksheets or cut them to make task cards. Offer your students to complete one, two, or all sums. They might want to color rods with blue and red pencils or just use their learner pencil.

Another way is to laminate or use plastic sleeves. Gather dry-erase pens and reuse your worksheets/task cards in the future.

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Math - Children's Books and Learning Resources

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