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For early childhood educators and parents of young children who are struggling with their lack of time or who are looking for ideas to help them foster independence and confidence in children and cultivate an attitude of mutual respect at home and in the classroom. I share and suggest different ways to successfully implement Montessori principles at home and in the classroom in order to help you raise capable, happy and compassionate little humans.

I have 10 years of experience working with children aged 2 to 6 in the American Montessori school in Russia and Children’s House in Australia.

If you have passion and respect for children;
you have a desire to see children thrive in the atmosphere of self-guidance, total acceptance;
you want to support children in developing their independence;
you would like to help them connect with nature and people in a meaningful way;
you strive to see little people become mindful and compassionate;
you would like to be present in the moment…
then you are definitely in the right place.
About Anastasia  
I am an Early Childhood Montessori teacher, creator of educational printables, homeschooling mum, a blogger.
I am passionate about my Christian faith, Russian cultural heritage. I am passionate about all things Montessori and nature – respect, authenticity, diversity, unity, peace, hands-on explorations.
I believe every child has a right to make mistakes, feel appreciated and loved,  make choices, take every opportunity to discover and explore the wonders of nature.
 I aim to reach out to hard-working teachers and parents. I wish to help by offering educational materials I make, share ideas on hands-on learning.
I also write about our homeschooling life as it is – raw. Simple. Montessori. Nature.
homeschool Montessori
I was born in Russia, in a closed Siberian town and grew up attending Cosmonautic School located in the midst of the Siberian forest. I was introduced to the Montessori method at the age of 17 by pure chance while looking for a part-time job during my uni studies. The place that I found was American Montessori School in Russia. It felt and looked peaceful and outrageously beautiful and organized. I received the majority of my Montessori training through a magnificent person who ran the school – directress and school owner.
After many years of learning, stumbling, creating some of the best friendships of my life I came to study in Australia. Here I received my formal Early Childhood degree in Education.
In Australia, I had a privilege to work as a Montessori assistant in two Montessori childcare centers, and as a preschool teacher in a Montessori children’s house. I also volunteered in a local daycare working with children aged 2-5 when traveling in the USA. One of the most significant adventures of my life was working as a counselor at Glacier Christian Camp, Montana.
One fun fact about me:
I LOVE mime! Being involved and being a part of amazing pantomime performing groups made me realize the true value of community and power that inspires like-minded people who are committed to one goal. For the time being, we were like a family united by one goal – grow together professionally and spread the message of hope, bring joy and uplift people’s spirits. We did so by visiting and performing on the streets, in orphanages and hospitals.
When working as a teacher, I never could find the time to create educational printables for my students. And when I did, those materials were so incredibly helpful.  Once I transitioned to becoming a stay-at-home mum, I decided to share my passion, experience, and knowledge in regards to the Montessori method and my parenting moments. I started making printables inspired by 10 years of experience working in a Montessori environment.
Montessori Nature Printables
The majority of my printables are for children from the age of 0 – 6. I aim to cover a wide range of themes and subjects –  Art, Natural World, Geography, Science, and History.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I am in awe of your ability to share your faith, and your love for all things Montessori. It's wonderful to come across another Christian Montessori teacher, who is living out her faith and utilizing Montessori teaching methods to share and teach about God's creations. May God bless you and your teaching! Karen Gott, USA

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