30 Days of Creativity and Art Series

When I was teaching in a Prep classroom in Australia, we conducted 20 days of drawing for children to create drawings from observation, imagination, and memory. From what I saw, it indeed took them to a whole new level of creativity and was very useful for developing new drawing skills and build confidence.

Art and creativity provide incredible opportunities for a young child to develop their self-confidence, persistence, fine motor skills, creative thinking, open up their world of emotions and feelings, learn about shapes, colors, motion, texture. Until the age of 5-6 children needs time to explore art mediums freely, gain their finger strength, and most importantly develop their self-confidence.  This is the time to observe and soak inspiration from nature and everyday life experiences. It is also essential to allow time for every skill to develop naturally and follow the child’s lead.

My 3,3-year-old daughter is powerfully drawn to all sorts of forms of creativity, art, and self-expression. Every day she has access to art materials, various music for dance, and listening. However, I decided to set aside time for the next month or so to offer her opportunities for one-to-one art and creativity explorations. When preparing for this, I found this article by Artful Parent incredibly helpful to remain faithful to support my child in her self-directed artistic process.

The primary focus of this series is: observation, paying attention to details, and most importantly – enjoying the process.

We will experiment with:
– hand motions ( up and down, from side to side),
– lines  (long, short, straight, curvy, etc.)
– textures
– art mediums (acrylic paints, watercolors, finger paints, candle wax, plasticine, etc.)

Our activities will be more based on observation, prompts, learning by example, and the child’s choice rather than directly from an adult.

I am learning how to stir her creativity in the right direction as I go along. I do not want to obstruct my child’s exploration of art media and expression, on the other hand, I want to show her ways to take her creativity further and more in-depth.
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