The 10 Commandments of Maria Montessori ( A Decalogue of Dr. M. Montessori ) – Free Word Art Printable.

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Maria Montessori has been capturing the hearts of parents and teachers around the world for such a long time. Her ideas and philosophy spark minds and inspire to raise a generation of deeply motivated, successful, and happy people.

I would love to share with you my word art printable with the 10 Commandments of Maria Montessori. It is also known as A Decalogue by Dr. Maria Montessori listed in the magazine “Around the Child”.

You can read more on it in “Montessori for the New Millennium – Practical Guidance on the Teaching and Education of Children of All Ages, Based on A Rediscovery of the True Principles and Vision of Maria Montessori” by Roland A. Lubie Wentworth and Felix Wentworth.

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