DIY Montessori Inspired Activities for a 2-year-old

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Don't you enjoy seeing your precious bundle of joy grow and become smarter, stronger, more independent, confident, playful and engaged with the world around them. I get so much satisfaction from creating and supporting my child's growth along the way and be able to contribute to it. I received a wonderful set of toys and activities as a giveaway from one awesome Montessori mum, we bought a few educational toys from Preloved baby markets, but it has been a while since we purchased anything for her. I just enjoy using materials I find at home and natural pieces to create educational experiences based on my observations, my Montessori knowledge and her interests.

taking care of self..
- placing two choices of clothes on the shelf may encourage child to start getting dressed on their own and with minimum assistance from adults. 

Emergent numeracy.. 

- simple DIY activity for learning to follow directions, opposite colours by placing white pebbles on the black crosses, counting pebbles and matching quantity to numerals. 

- counting pegs and matching them to the primary colours to help child to correct themselves.

- matching activity with objects that are similar to each other presents a problem solving opportunity for a young child

Storytelling  using loose parts and manipulatives -

- it is very easy to attract attention and make story more fun with colourful setting. I have noticed it makes it easier for young children to remember and recall longer words and difficult names.

Emergent Literacy

- activities like shown below boost interest in learning new words and reinforce using already familiar words in  playful way.


- stimulating touch and smell using natural objects and learning about different textures. This can be applied for sorting objects on rough and smooth, or large and small;  for I spy games etc.

Fine Motor

- simple transferring activity with natural objects found in the garden is one way to support development of fine motor and concentration.


- having minor responsibilities around the house from a very young age can be very beneficial for child's self-esteem and another way to build their sense of belonging and confidence.

There you go. Now go ahead and leave a comment below to share your favourite DIY Montessori inspired activities.

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  1. I love the emergent reader activity! Such a great idea!

    1. Thank you, Renae! I am so glad you found it helpful!

  2. Wow, same here, the emergent reader activity is so neat! I am going to do this today with my little guy. Thanks so much!


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